Recently launched and upcoming features have been developed with you and your participants in mind.

New features launched in 2023

Gain online access to your plan
Ease and speed up your administrative tasks such as workflow management, payroll submission and payroll change notices, pending withdrawal requests and more.

SECURE 2.0 hub
Stay up to date on the latest SECURE 2.0 Act news and resources, as well as how the Act impacts your plan and participants.

Revamped plan sponsor website
The updated website delivers content we know is more important to you, including legislative and economic updates, financial wellness articles to support your participants, and resources to aid in the administration of your plan.

Updates to My Interactive Retirement Planner℠
Enhancements to the My Interactive Retirement Planner tool include calculation changes to provide a more accurate and personalized retirement outlook for your participants.

Plan sponsor digital toolkit
Use these retirement planning resources to help you administer your plan and support participants.

3D Retirement Virtual Adventure Center
Your participants have a fun and engaging way to access retirement planning resources and tools, including enrolling in or managing their retirement plan.

Retirement planning resources
We provide support to help participants boost confidence in their retirement readiness.

Enhancements to Nationwide Account Lock
We’ve added an extra layer of protection that allows participants to control distributions.

woman working on a computer

What’s coming in 2024

We’ve made great progress together and look forward to continued success in 2024. Be on the lookout for new features that will benefit you and your plan participants:

  • Enhancements to the plan sponsor experience, including access to new solutions to support plan administration
  • Continued support to help you stay on top of SECURE 2.0 Act impacts on your plan
  • An enhanced participant experience with new educational content, tools and resources to support retirement planning and financial wellness
  • More opportunities for on-demand retirement readiness education
  • Continued guidance and support to help participants get the most out of their plan
  • A greater focus on financial literacy education and resources for participants
  • More support for underserved communities
  • Ongoing financial wellness communications that are relevant to your participants’ life stages — such as how to manage student loans